How to File and Collect Unemployment in Delaware

If you find yourself without a job, the thought of taking care of yourself and your family can become overwhelming. The bills are continuing to stack up, but there is no money coming in. Filing for unemployment is something that you should consider at this point, because the weekly benefits that you would receive could help you maintain some financial stability while you look for a new job. In order to collect unemployment, you have to first find out if you are eligible to collect the benefits. For example, if you quit or were fired from your job, it is not likely that you will be found eligible. If you lost your job through no fault of your own or would be working if a job were available, you likely could collect benefits.

Unemployment filing has become easier with the internet; you can go to, scroll down to the link that says "File a New or Reopened Claim," and go from there. Be ready to answer personal questions about yourself and provide details about your most recent employers, the dates you worked for them, and why you are no longer employed with them. You can also choose to file unemployment over the phone or in person. Filing your initial claim on the internet is highly recommended however, as it is more convenient and quick than the other methods. Remember, when filing unemployment, make sure to disclose all information about yourself and your work history accurately, or you may be denied benefits.

After applying, you will be mailed information as to whether or not you have been approved or if there is any additional information needed in order to process your claim. You must file weekly claims over the phone or on the internet in order to continue getting benefits. How to collect unemployment benefits is easy: if you are approved, you should expect to receive your first unemployment check in the mail within 3 weeks. You will then continue to receive benefits every week after that as long as you continue filing your weekly claims and remain unemployed.

If you are denied benefits, you have the option to file an appeal within 10 days of receiving notice. (Remember to continue filing weekly claims!) You will then attend an appeal hearing in which you can request for your information to be reviewed again.

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