Extended Unemployment Benefits Available in Delaware

Looking for a job when the American economy is sluggish is never an easy task. Many long-term unemployed residents of Delaware have discovered that the job market has become increasingly competitive because so many jobless men and women are seeking work.

If you have been unemployed for many weeks, you probably already have applied for basic unemployment compensation payments through Delaware’s Division of Unemployment Insurance. These initial benefits typically are distributed for up to 26 weeks. At times when the jobless rate remains high, Congress can vote to extend those unemployment benefits for a longer period.

In Delaware, you may be eligible to receive long-term unemployment benefits once your regular round of payments has run out. Extended unemployment programs are available through both the state and federal governments, providing a higher level of economic security to those who are out of work.

The federal program, called Emergency Unemployment Compensation 2008 or EUC08, offers extended unemployment eligibility in four tiers. The different tiers can extend unemployment payments for a maximum of six weeks, 13 weeks, 14 weeks or 20 weeks.

Delaware residents typically do not have to apply for these benefits because they are renewed automatically for them. However, it is a good idea to keep your own log of benefits received to insure that you are awarded all the payments for which you are eligible.

If you have exhausted both your regular benefits and your EUC08 payments, you still may be eligible for extended unemployment benefits through a program called Federal-State Extended Duration or simply Extended Benefits. For those who qualify, this program provides additional financial assistance equal to 20 weeks or 80 percent of the maximum benefit payment on the initial jobless claim, whichever is less.

You can call the Division of Unemployment’s toll-free number at 1-800-794-3032.

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