Delaware Unemployment Agency Contact Information

With a struggling economy, losing a job can present a host of difficulties along with worrying about your family's financial security. Unemployment compensation can help maintain some of that security and you may be eligible for benefits. All US states have an unemployment program in place including the very first state of the union, Delaware. Your first step toward determining your eligibility is contacting the Delaware Department of Unemployment.

You may contact the Delaware agency for unemployment via telephone, online, or in person at one of their four office locations throughout the state.

Call the Delaware phone number for the unemployment agency in your own county for more information or to begin the claims process. If you are in New Castle county you should call 302-761-6576. Residents of Kent or Sussex counties or those who are living out of state should call this office of unemployment phone number 1-800-794-3032 toll free.

Either Delaware office of unemployment phone number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience.

Before calling the Delaware Department of Unemployment you should have all of the information you need on hand including your Social Security number, contact information, and the contact information for your previous employers. You will also need to provide the dates you worked during the last 18 months and the reason for your unemployment.

To contact the agency for unemployment or to file a claim online, first log onto Check the appropriate boxes and select either the "Start My Claim Now" or "Contact" buttons.

Although there is currently no unemployment agency email address available other than the one in place to use in the event of an insurance overpayment,, you may contact the department in person in addition to online or via the telephone.

You may visit the closest local unemployment office to you in person to inquire about registering with the state's Division of Employment and Training, which is a requirement to receive benefits, or to receive claim and filing information.

To find the nearest local unemployment office in Delaware, log onto There you will also find a list of addresses and phone numbers for employment and training centers along with other links and pertinent information to take advantage of.

Call the phone number for the unemployment agency closest to you for operating hours and to ensure you have all the paperwork you need when filing for benefits in Delaware.

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