Delaware Online Unemployment

As people become unemployed through no fault of their own, it becomes so hard to keep up with their financial responsibilities. Unemployment insurance is the lifeline that keeps people from losing their abilities to put food on their tables and keep their families from experiencing great physical hardship. The state of Delaware has set out to make filing for unemployment benefits simple by offering Delaware unemployment services online.

People may begin filing for a Delaware unemployment service online by going to the State of Delaware website. From here, people only need to click the Unemployment Insurance link where they can click on a link that will take them directly to where they can file for Delaware unemployment online. They will need to click the File a Claim for Benefits link to begin.

Once they have gone to the appropriate page, they will be able to perform an online unemployment filing. If this is their first claim, they are entitled to use this online unemployment form. Those who aren’t allowed to use this particular form are:

1. Those who are seeking Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC),

2. Those who need to file for Extended Benefits (EB),

3. Anyone who is filing for partial benefits,

4. Members of the military who are filing against a former employer,

5. Government workers who are filing against a former governmental employer,

6. Non-United States citizens,

7. People who worked in a state other than Delaware and

8. Those who aren’t currently living in the country.

People who file for Delaware unemployment online have two questions to answer on the initial page. If they would like to receive their weekly benefits by phone, they will be required to select the TeleBenefits option. When they do this, they will need to make a weekly phone call to the unemployment office to receive their benefits.

They may also choose to receive their benefits through Direct Deposit. To sign up for this program, they will first need to agree to apply for TeleBenefits and then they will be eligible for Direct Deposit. Once they have chosen these options, they may click on the Start My Claim Now button and the application process for Delaware online unemployment filing can begin.

Anyone who needs to be reassured that their information will be guarded with the utmost care can click on the Assurances button at the bottom of the page to be taken to the Delaware website’s privacy policy page. They may also click the Contact button in order to contact someone at Delaware’s Unemployment office.

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