Connecticut Weekly Unemployment Application

If you have suffered financial setbacks and lost your job, you are not alone. Many are making weekly unemployment claims. Connecticut unemployment weekly benefits can help you through tough times until you find another job.

First Unemployment Weekly Claim

To make your first weekly claim for unemployment, you will need pay stubs, separation orders and contact information from your last employers (up to two years). Make sure you give as much information as possible. Unemployment eligibility criteria require that job loss be due to layoff, closing or downsizing. Partial benefits may be available if your employer has drastically reduced your hours.

Weekly Unemployment Claims

Your benefits will be determined by a formula. The length of time you receive benefits is determined by a cap on the amount of money that can be given out.

Filing Unemployment Weekly Claims

Benefits are handled by the Connecticut Department of Labor. Their website is They have a dial-to-file policy. The phone numbers are listed below.

Dependency Unemployment Benefits

Parents can claim $15 per child. However, this can only apply to one unemployed parent per household. This amount will be included in your weekly unemployment claim.

Partial Unemployment Weekly Claim

You can receive partial unemployment benefits if your employer confirms that economic circumstances have caused your hours to be halved.

Connecticut Weekly Claim for Unemployment

Once you have filed, you will need to make a weekly claim for unemployment to stay in the system. To keep receiving weekly unemployment benefits, you need to prove that you are searching for a job and that you have not turned down a viable position. In addition, you will be expected to report vacation pay, severance income, worker’s compensation, pension or part-time income. These may or may not reduce or eliminate your benefits.

Phone Numbers

Connecticut unemployment agency numbers are as follows: Ansonia (203) 230-4939; Bridgeport (203) 579-6291; Bristol (860) 566-5790; Danbury (203) 797-4150; Danielson (860) 423-2521; Enfield (860) 566-5790; Hamden (203) 230-4939; Hartford (860) 566-5790; Manchester (860) 566-5790; Meriden (860) 344-2993; Middletown (860) 344-2993; New Britain (860) 566-5790; New London (860) 443-2041; Norwich (860) 443-2041; Stamford (203) 348-2696; Torrington (860) 482-5581; Waterbury (203) 596-4140 and Willimantic (860) 423-2521. If none of these are local calls, you can call toll free (860) 256-3900.

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