Connecticut Unemployment Insurance Benefits

With the economic troubles that many face, losing a job can feel like the end of the world. However, it is not time to give up hope. The first thing to do is contact unemployment services in Connecticut. You should make your claim for unemployment benefits as soon as possible. If you lost your job due to a business closing, industry layoff or office downsizing, Connecticut compensation for unemployment can help your family survive until you find another job.

Connecticut Unemployment Compensation

To make unemployment claims in Connecticut, you will need to go to the Department of Labor website ( There is a list of offices and phone numbers where you can file a claims a dial-to-file policy that makes it easy to file by phone. You will want to have contact information, your social security number and the address and phone numbers of your employer (for up to the last two years).

Connecticut Compensation for Unemployment

When filing a claim, keep in mind that Connecticut compensation for unemployment is tied to your salary. You will want to prove your salary for the last 2 years. This should be done when you file. Keep in mind that there is a cap on the total amount that anyone can get from unemployment compensation so if your salary is high, then it may decrease the number of weeks you can make a weekly claim for unemployment.

Connecticut offers a $15 weekly benefit for dependents. This can increase your family's take-home unemployment claims benefits.

Connecticut Claim for Unemployment Eligibility

To be eligible, your employer must be a contributor to the unemployment compensation fund. Your eligibility requirements include Connecticut residency and loss of job due to economic reasons. If you are out of state, you should file in your state. Fortunately, all states have their unemployment claims online, usually on their labor department website.

Contact Unemployment Connecticut

To contact unemployment services, it is suggested that you call 211 in Connecticut for local help or find your phone numbers at You can also contact them if you need help with a job search or retraining.

Connecticut Unemployment Claims

Unemployment claims are the best way to guarantee income during unemployment. Don't hesitate to apply. Even if you are turned down, you may appeal. The Department of Labor has job search information that should help you find another job.

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