Connecticut Extended Unemployment

There are not enough jobs and so many unemployed looking for jobs. Sometimes it seems like nothing can go right. There is help for the long term unemployed in Connecticut however. They can get long term unemployment benefits if they have made their weekly claims and proven that they have been genuinely seeking employment.

Extended Unemployment

To be eligible for extended unemployment benefits, Connecticut citizens must have run out of regular unemployment benefits. They cannot apply sooner. Fortunately meeting extended unemployment eligibility is fairly easy. Already the unemployed person has met the basic criteria for unemployment. Extended unemployment benefits generally are available to those who are still unemployed after the initial benefits end. As long as you have not turned down jobs or refused to look for jobs, you should be eligible. Keep all information regarding your job search as a safety precaution. However, if you log in the information on your weekly claim, you should have no problem with extended benefits.

Benefits Still in Play

If you took a job while your benefits were still in play and then were laid off from the new job, you do not need to file for extended unemployment. Rather than long term unemployment benefits, you are still eligible for regular benefits. Go to your unemployment agency or call. You should be able to pick up where you left off. Then, when benefits are exhausted, you can get long term unemployment benefits. This works in your favor. You certainly want as many weeks of benefits as Connecticut can give you.

Initial Filing

To file for the first time in Connecticut, you will need your social security number, your job information and your dismissal information. Salary validation such as pay stubs are also necessary. A formula using your base salary will decide how much your initial benefits are for. A similar formula will decide your long term unemployment benefits. You may also be entitled to a dependent's stipend of $15 per child in your household.

Filing Weekly Long Term Unemployment Claims

Once you have been approved, you will be given log-in details which you will use to file weekly. Once you are approved for extended unemployment benefits, you will continue this routine of filing weekly by phone. Go to at for more information.

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