Benefits of Filing for Connecticut Unemployment Benefits

If you lose your job in Connecticut, you may feel like there is nowhere to turn. However, there are benefits you can expect from the Connecticut unemployment agencies. To begin the process you must know how to collect benefits. Filing for unemployment is remarkably easy, and you can start receiving unemployment benefits soon.

Filing for Unemployment Connecticut

To file for unemployment benefits, you should contact the Connecticut Department of Labor at one of the many locations listed on their website. Make sure to have your social security number and contact information when you file online or by phone. You will want to have pay stubs and all relevant contact information for your employers over the last two years. If you have any information regarding your job loss, you should provide this as well.

Your eligibility will hinge on whether or not you were dismissed for cause or for economic reasons. If your business closed or laid you off, you are certainly eligible. Former federal employees, state employees and military service personnel may be eligible as well.

If you are denied, you can seek an appeal.

Connecticut Unemployment Benefits

Your benefits will be determined by a formula that uses your base salary as a guide. It is likely that very high benefits will lessen the number of weeks you can receive benefits the number of weeks you receive benefits. You should ask at the time of filing how long your benefits will last. Once you exhaust your benefits, you may be eligible for an extension.

How to Collect Benefits Connecticut

You will have to provide a checking account or agree to a debit card for your benefits. You must call every week to verify that you are looking for a job and that you haven't turned down a job. You will need to report any new income such as retirement, workers compensation or part-time pay. Fortunately filing weekly is much easier than filing the first time.

Connecticut Dial to File Information

For more information on dial to file, call 211 for a local labor agency phone number. Or, go online to and you will find all of the local phone numbers. Connecticut has made it easy to file by phone. Make sure to have all of your information ready when you call.

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