File and Collect Colorado Unemployment

Unemployed workers in Colorado can collect unemployment through the state if they have been laid off or terminated through no fault of their own. This excludes being fired for misconduct, turning down what the state of Colorado considers a reasonable offer of employment, and other specified limitations. If this is the first time you have had to file for unemployment, these are some things to consider. To file unemployment, you need to register with your local unemployment office and sign up at the state web site:

Any questions about how to collect unemployment should be directed to your local unemployment office, either through email or in-person. The amount you can collect will depend on how much has been paid on your behalf by your employer, and the size of this amount will depend largely on how long you've been working. Benefits are paid through debit cards or direct deposit, as checks for unemployment benefits have been done away with. Anyone filing unemployment in Colorado must file each week, and they must be actively searching for work.

The state of Colorado may require you to list three or more companies with whom you've applied for work each week when you file. If you receive what is considered a reasonable offer of employment, you must take it. A reasonable offer of work may be considered a job which pays a salary equal to or greater than the salary from the job which laid you off, an occupation in the same capacity as your previous position in the same or a similar industry, or a shift position you occupied previously.

Filing for unemployment benefits to be extended will depend on your situation. The maximum number of weeks for regular unemployment filing is twenty-six. Extended benefits may last for as many as thirteen weeks; however, you will need to prove that you are ready and able to work and have been actively searching for work for the previous twenty-six weeks. There may be a delay in receiving your extension by as much as three weeks. This is the amount of time required to process your request and determine your eligibility.

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