Collecting Unemployment Benefits in Colorado

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment provides assistance to unemployed residents of Colorado through its unemployment insurance program. Unemployment compensation offered is temporary and only partially substitutes for wages lost while unemployed. Claimants who apply for benefits must, of course, meet specific guidelines.

If you're out of work due to no fault of your own and live in Colorado, there are a number of documents that will be required from you in order to open an unemployment claim. By law, as long as you're 18 years old, have earned more than $2,500 and have recently become unemployed, you may have a claims unemployment. It will, however, be mandatory that you show proof of identification that confirms you're a U.S. citizen or are a worker in compliance with federal law. The process of filing for compensation for unemployment benefits begins with you providing ID that includes a driver's license, proof of service in the military or tribal papers that verify you're a Native American.

Unemployed workers opening a claim for unemployment in Colorado may do so by phone or on their computers. It's also possible to file unemployment claims by phone. Contact unemployment at 303-318-9000 if you live in the Denver-metro area or 1-800- 388-5515 if you reside outside.

When you begin to open a case, some of the information required from you will include a social security number as well as the name of past employers, their addresses, numbers and the exact dates that you worked for them. The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment's program will also need you to explain the reason that you are not currently working for your last employer as well as the salary you were paid.

The separation from your last employer and others that employed you during your 12 month base period is closely evaluated to determine if you qualify and for how much. The benefit amount that is issued to a claimant is based on a calculation explained at www. You can also use the above link to approximate how much your own benefits would be should you qualify for unemployment insurance.

Once your claim in accepted, it's important to know that you will be expected to register with the Workforce Center in your area. You will also be expected to, not only pursue work opportunities daily, but keep proof of this activity. The Colorado Department of Labor may request evidence of it during routine investigations into active claims with the state.

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