Benefits of Filing for Colorado Unemployment

The Unemployment Insurance Program makes available impermanent and fractional pay replacement to workers who have been laid off through no responsibility of their own. It is financed by employer-paid taxes and makes available benefits to those who meet admissibility requirements, listed below.

When filing for unemployment have your social security number available. Also, make sure you are able to supply information on any employers you have worked for over the past eighteen months. This should include dates of employment, rate of pay, and the reason you are no longer working there. You can file for unemployment benefits any time after the last day you worked but you may not claim benefits for any length of time that you were unemployed before filing your claim.

To collect unemployment benefits, you must meet the weekly eligibility requirements. You must:

  • Be physically able to work.
  • Be available to go to work immediately.
  • Actively seek and document your search for suitable work.
  • Be able to work full-time now if you have worked full-time hours for the base period of your claim.

After the claim has been failed, you will receive a number of forms in the mail in addition to an unemployment guidebook that clarifies your rights and accountabilities while applying for unemployment benefits. Go through the handbook sensibly and fill out the forms as instructed. You must make a momentous effort in finding a new place of employment, starting with the first week of your claim.

Benefits you can expect to claim are calculated using a formula. This calculation is founded upon earnings paid to you during a set base period. This base period is distinct as the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters.

How to collect benefits is simple. Certification and a request for payment are made every two weeks. It can be made on the Internet or by phone. Both CUBLine (Colorado Unemployed Benefits) Online and CUBLine (by telephone) are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You must wait until after Saturday of the second week for which you are requesting payment to file. Benefit payments are issued to either your personal Colorado Automated Payment (CAP) Card, a Visa debit card (issued by the Colorado Department of Labor and Unemployment) through its agent, or by direct deposit into a savings or checking account of your choice.

Once you find a job, cancelling your claim is simple.

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