Apply and Receive Colorado Unemployment

If you live in the state of Colorado and are currently unemployed, you may qualify to receive unemployment benefits. Here are a few tips on how to apply and receive unemployment benefits in Colorado.

The first step is to make sure you qualify for unemployment benefits. Colorado law states that in order to receive unemployment, you must be unemployed through no fault of your own. Layoffs and seasonal employment are two examples of this. You also must be actively seeking new employment opportunities. Claimants must also be willing and able to accept a job offer should it be presented to them. When you apply for unemployment, you will be required to show proof of legal presence, such as a valid state issued ID or driver’s license. Colorado also requires information from both the employer and employee as to why the separation occurred.

You will want to submit your application for unemployment as soon as you become unemployed. Colorado allows claimants to apply for unemployment benefits online or via telephone. Once you file, you must sign and submit what is known as Form UIB-1 Claim for Unemployment Benefits. You may also be required to submit other documents, which you will be notified of. Claimants are also required register for work at any Workforce Center location, and also submit weekly job searches. If you are eligible to receive unemployment benefits, you must show that you are able and available to work immediately, and show a detailed log of your job searches. If you worked full time hours prior to being unemployed, you also must be able to work full time hours.

If you are approved to receive unemployment benefits, request and certification for payments are made every two weeks through the internet or telephone. Processing of unemployment claims can take up to six weeks; this includes a non-payable waiting week. Each week the claim is unresolved is a waiting week, and if you are approved for unemployment, you will receive the benefits for each eligible week at once. Colorado sends payment to a prepaid Visa debit card or the funds can be sent directly to your savings or checking account.

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