Applying for Unemployment Benefits in California

Many unfortunate events put people out of work. Some are admittedly mistakes, and some are circumstances beyond our control. Regardless of your unique situation, learning the correct procedure is pertinent if you are looking to file a weekly claim for unemployment in the state of California.

Unemployment weekly benefits are provided by the individual state governments in the United States in order to assist those who experience weekly unemployment for both short and long periods of time. A weekly claim for unemployment benefits allows many people to switch career paths, get out of a bad work environment, or simply start anew in a fresh position. Many states have their own processes, procedures, and legalities that come with the decision to claim weekly unemployment.

In the state of California, there are a few simple steps to initially apply for weekly unemployment benefits. Visiting the eApply4UI website and completing the electronic application is the most efficient way to claim weekly unemployment. The application is found at Applying over the phone at 1-800-300-5616 is another way to begin your weekly unemployment claim. If a paper application is what you prefer, an application can be found at The application must be printed, completed, and faxed or mailed.

Once your initial application to receive unemployment weekly is complete, the Employment Development Department will then decide whether or not you qualify for benefits. They may conduct a phone interview with you or your employer, as well as review any written statements, before coming to a decision about your personal unemployment weekly claim. If your weekly unemployment claim is not accepted, you will be mailed a Notice of Determination.

However, not all decisions are final. If your unemployment weekly claim is denied and disagree with the decision, you can begin a separate process to appeal the decision.

Although you may be applying for unemployment benefits now, this is surely a chance for brand new doors to open. When applying for new positions, be sure not to let the stress and unstable situations outweigh your genuine passions.

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