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Apply and Receive Illinois Unemployment

In order to apply for Unemployment Compensation in Illinois, you must first file a claim.
The claim form that you must file can be completed online, on the Illinois Department of Employment Security website, (

How To Collect Unemployment in Illinois

There are many explanations for why unemployment numbers in the United States are at record high levels. Some say consumers aren't spending enough to feed the economy. Others blame the overall state of economic health nationwide on broader forces related to globalization. For those out of work, statistical date makes little different.

How To Collect Unemployment in the State of Illinois

You are a resident of Illinois and you’ve just lost your job and now have no income. That is a scary situation for many people, especially if you have a family to support. So how do you make up for some of that lost income? You should file for unemployment as soon as possible. In fact, you should file unemployment the same day if possible.

How To Extend Your Unemployment in Illinois

Current unemployment rates across the country are high, but in some parts of Illinois, as much as 20% of the population is out of work. Extended unemployment benefits are available to assist those whose eligibility for unemployment has run out. During periods of high unemployment, the Illinois Extended Benefits program enables those who were eligible for unemployment, to collect additional weeks of unemployment eligibility.

Illinois Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Filing for compensation unemployment claims is often seen as laborious, and many people forego benefits because they feel the process is too complicated. The state of Illinois has sought to change that perception by created a system that is easy to use and streamlined by way of a website. Illinois unemployment benefits can be filed over the Internet, making the days of standing in long lines to get compensation a thing of the past.

Illinois Unemployment Insurance

Illinois, due to its large employment market in Chicago and near absence of major cities outside of Chicago, has a unique and somewhat awkward unemployment benefits system. Like all states, Illinois requires that anyone who wishes to receive an unemployment benefit have been terminated without prejudice (i.e. without having committed a crime or other offense) and denies benefits to those who chose to quit their jobs.

Illinois Unemployment Services

Are you looking for Illinois online unemployment services? These are provided at This is a free, official resource for filing a claim and for getting information on unemployment compensation and job opportunities.

Illinois Weekly Unemployment Application

The Illinois weekly unemployment claim process is not as difficult as it once was. No longer must an individual who needs to file for Illinois weekly unemployment spend long hours sitting in and Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) office or waiting in line to speak with a representative of IDES.

Applying for Michigan Unemployment Compensation

If you are a Michigan resident and have lost your job, you know that it can be tough to find a new job in time to pay your bills and expenses. That why the State of Michigan has set up a system for unemployment compensation. In order to collect unemployment claims, the State of Michigan requires certain information from you to get your claim for unemployment rolling.

Applying for Michigan Unemployment

Unemployed? Filing the Michigan Weekly Unemployment Application can be easier than one may think. There are 2 ways to file an application which are by telephone or internet.

By calling 1-866-500-0017 the application can be done easily over the phone. There are date specific guidelines to follow using the last 2 digits of your social security number; for example, if the last 2 digits are 01 you would call Mondays between 8:00 am and 12:30 pm. The chart below is for reference purposes only:

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