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Getting Extended Unemployment Benefits in Florida

Recent data shows that the unemployment rates in certain parts of Florida are still higher than the national average. State economists point to the fact that local job creation has been slow. If you live in Florida, are collecting unemployment benefits but are worried about what to do if your unemployment eligibility expires before you've found work

How To Use Florida's Online Unemployment Services

Florida’s Unemployment service website ( offers several convenient services, including:

Apply and Receive Georgia Unemployment

Georgia workers who have lost their jobs due to layoffs, furloughs, downsizing and natural disasters should apply for unemployment compensation as soon as possible. Waiting to apply just makes it take longer to receive replacement income. Furthermore, compensation begins with the day you apply, not with the day you lost your job.

Extend Georgia Unemployment

Georgia is one of 29 states that offer an extension of unemployment benefits. However the rules for extended unemployment are stiffer than regular unemployment eligibility.

 As you may know, the initial way that workers become eligible for unemployment is to file a claim after a layoff. This is known in Georgia as first tier. Once the first tier benefits are exhausted, a person who has not found a new job and can prove that they have been actively searching or training, can apply for second tier benefits.

File and Collect Georgia Unemployment

Have you lost your job? Do you know how to collect unemployment? Filing for unemployment in Georgia is relatively easy.

 Decide if you want to apply online with the Georgia Department of Labor or go to one of their 53 career centers. The website for more information is You will want to do the following before contacting them:

Georgia Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Georgia unemployment insurance benefits are available to anyone who has lost their job due to no fault of their own. This may be due to one of the following:

  • Furlough
  • Lay-off
  • Downsizing
  • Natural disaster


Georgia Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Georgia unemployment claims provide unemployment compensation to Georgians who have lost their jobs due to no fault of their own. For compensation unemployment claims pay each individual weekly, dating from the date they filed their Georgia unemployment claim.

Georgia Unemployment Office Contact Information

The Georgia department of unemployment is actually part of the larger Georgia Department of Labor. The unemployment phone numbers include two automated lines. The Georgia unemployment number for the Metro Atlanta area is a local call: 404-232-4290

Georgia Weekly Unemployment Application

Applications for Georgia's unemployment weekly checks are available at any Department of Labor career center. Filing your weekly unemployment claim requires the names, numbers and addresses of your employers for the last 18 months and your dismissal order, if one is available

Online Georgia Unemployment Services

Online Georgia unemployment services can be found on the Georgia Department of Labor website. Georgia unemployment online services include filing unemployment claims, but the website offers other help too.

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