How to Apply for and Receive Arkansas Unemployment

As the economy's recovery continues to be elusive, it can be quite emotionally and financially challenging for you and your family to deal with the problems that can come with being unemployed. While it is often not nearly what you made while working full-time, unemployment compensation insurance can help to bring a level of stability to your family while you search for a new position.

In order to receive unemployment compensation in Arkansas, one must apply for unemployment benefits through the Department of Workforce Services. An unemployment application can be filed in person at any local Department of Workforce Services office or through the mail. Prior to receiving unemployment benefits, you must meet the eligibility requirements which state that you must be unemployed but able and willing to work. Once you begin receiving unemployment benefits, you must be making every reasonable effort possible to find work.

After you meet the qualifications for eligibility for unemployment, there is a one week waiting period that must pass before unemployment benefits can be paid. Once your unemployment application is approved, you will be given the opportunity to choose how to receive your benefits. The two methods offered by the state of Arkansas are as a debit card or as a direct deposit into your checking or savings account. Either method is secure and you are given a pin number to the debit card that will allow you to receive cash from the card if you choose this option.

If you are in the area of Little Rock, you can file your unemployment application in person at the Department of Workforce Services office at 1223 West Seventh Street. There are state unemployment compensation assistance representatives at this office who will help you with filing your application should you need it. If you have difficulty getting to a Department of Workforce Services office, you may file to receive unemployment by calling the unemployment compensation hotline at 1-501-907-2590. Representatives are available Monday through Friday during business hours to assist you with filing your unemployment compensation insurance claim.

Should you remain unemployed for a long period of time, you will be expected to seek work in fields related to your past work history that pays less than your last job. Also you may be expected to seek work that uses a lower skill level than your previous position. Should you continue to experience unemployment, you may be eligible for training for a new career through a state funded program called TRA. In this program, you may receive benefits through a 104 week period to complete any Department of Workforce Services approved training program.

While unemployment compensation can never replace a full-time income, it can help you and your family to rest easily knowing that there is some money coming in while you seek a new position. By knowing how to apply for unemployment in Arkansas and understanding some of the benefits in job training that it can provide, you are going to be able to get through this difficult time and will soon be on your way into a new career position. Then life will begin to return to normal for you and your family

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