Benefits of Filing for Arkansas Unemployment

Workers in Little Rock, Fayetteville and other areas need resources when they lose their jobs. With an economy that still shows signs of struggling, it can be problematic to sustain your financial and emotional security for you and your family during a time of job loss. To access money while searching for new jobs, workers can turn to Arkansas unemployment benefits.

Employers across the state have paid into the unemployment insurance fund so workers like you can have a source of income during times of unemployment. Benefits you can expect from Arkansas unemployment insurance include a weekly benefit amount. This amount is derived from the amount you earned during the time you worked. The maximum weekly benefit amount that can be earned is $457 and the minimum is $82. The maximum benefit amount you can earn in a year is either 26 times your weekly benefit amount or one-third of your total base period wages, whichever amount is less.

With regards to how to collect benefits, you will receive a debit card that will be credited each week you apply for benefits. This debit card can be used at stores and banks in Little Rock and other cities. You can use the debit card at ATMs, too. The first week you file a claim is considered a waiting period, but you should be able to collect benefits during the second week.

For state residents, there are two ways to begin the filing process. You can go to a local State Department of Workforce Services office if you’d like to file in person. Also, you can mail in your forms, which are available in many public buildings. In Little Rock, the local office is at 5401 South University and the phone number is (501)682-8030. A listing of the other offices is available at Each office is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm.

You’ll need to provide some basic information such as your name, address and Social Security Number. In addition, you must disclose the name and address of your former employer as well as the last day you worked. You’ll be asked the reason for your unemployment, too. Military veterans and former federal employees will be asked for additional forms.

Employees can find themselves out of work on short notice. Fortunately, filing for unemployment in Arkansas can assist families across the Natural State.

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