Arkansas Unemployment Agency Contact Information

Being unemployed is extremely discouraging not only for the unemployed individual, but for their families, as well. With unemployment, at an all-time high it is hard for individuals out of work to maintain a sense of security, both emotional and financial. Unemployment insurance can provide monetary payments for a period, in anticipation of finding a new job.

In the state of Arkansas, a claim for unemployment can be filed in person at any local agency for unemployment or a form for filing claims, which can be picked up at most public buildings, may be filled out and then mailed. Arkansas Department of Unemployment provides assistance and services to unemployed workers. Any local unemployment office in the state of Arkansas operates Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a. m. to 4:30 p.m.

Coming soon is the newest way to file an initial claim. Anyone filing in the state of Arkansas can soon file their claim for unemployment benefits when it is convenient for them. By using the new Internet application, although this program has not yet been released it is expected to be operational soon. Although it will not be required to file on line, one may still report to any local office to complete a claim application.

A guide to understanding Arkansas’ Unemployment Insurance is available online, making it easy to learn anything one needs to know about filing a claim for unemployment benefits. This online guide provides information on all services offered by the department of unemployment. Additionally it explains the fast and easy way to file weekly benefit claims, using either the Voice Response phone system, or the online filing system for weekly claims.

The department of unemployment offers a quick and easy solution to file weekly unemployment claims for benefits. There is a phone system that is available to file weekly claims also provides updates and can verify when weekly claims are processed. This service is available Monday thru Friday. In addition, if an individual already has a claim for unemployment, they may select the option to file weekly claims online. The Arkansas unemployment agency email address or phone number for the unemployment agency that is available locally can be located online, at

General information on unemployment insurance, eligibility requirements and weekly benefit amounts may be accessed online. For complete details on how to apply or to contact a local Arkansas Unemployment agency, visit For further information, Arkansas’ office of unemployment phone number is (501) 907-2590.

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