Arkansas Extended Unemployment

The home state of Bill Clinton has had a rough time of it during the recent recession and the current US and European debt crisis. The long term unemployed have risen even while the current administration is trying desperately to stem the tide of those without a job, and now they are not even sure whether long term unemployment benefits will be able to be extended for those worthy people without a job currently.

However, the extended unemployment should not be a problem for the people of Arkansas, as the state web site has made it exceptionally easy to see if you are eligible for extended unemployment benefits and to actually get your unemployment benefits from the state if you are.

If you are eligible for extended unemployment benefits, then there is a page especially for you on the Arkansas web site and it is well listed on the front page of the unemployment portion of the site. In trying to determine whether you have extended unemployment eligibility, make sure to have all of your ducks in a row when filling out the information. As the computer is much more precise than a human, it is also much more prone to not see when you have made an error. And if you do make an error, you will never know until it is too late.

However, making sure that your unemployment benefits are done this way has many advantages. First of all, no one can steal your benefits, which has been a crime on the rise as the jobless rate goes up. Second, you are able to get your benefits much more quickly and with less hassle than with paper and mail. You no longer have to worry if the mail got lost in the shuffle or call constantly on always busy phone lines trying to reach somebody just to tell you that you turned in the wrong form or your claim had not been processed yet.

If you are eligible for extended unemployment benefits, then you are encouraged to get all of the benefits that are owed to you right now, as there are many disadvantages to not taking them. First of all your peace of mind is affected, which slows down the process in finding a new job. Second, it does not do the economy any good for you not to pay your current bills, which will slow down the credit process even further.

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