Arizona Weekly Unemployment Application

Unemployment benefits in Arizona are offered to those who have been laid off or are unemployed through no fault of their own. To file a weekly unemployment claim, you can do so at the state web site, located at Listed telephone numbers for filing an unemployment weekly claim are as follows:

Toll free number: 1-877-600-2722

Phoenix office: 602-364-2722

Tucson office: 520-791-2722

You are also able to claim weekly unemployment through email at

Some of the common reasons for collecting unemployment weekly include layoffs, wrongful termination, or voluntary quitting with good reason. You can be disqualified if you have been determined to have left your job without good reason, if you were terminated due to misconduct, or if you are now self-employed. There may be a number of other reasons which may disqualify you. The maximum amount of time you are eligible to receive benefits under normal circumstances is twenty-six weeks. During times of economic hardship, you may qualify for an extension of thirteen weeks after your initial twenty-six weeks of unemployment is used up.

You will be required to sign up with Arizona's job search service and be actively looking for work during the time you file weekly unemployment. If, during this time, you are offered a job position which the state considers reasonable or similar to your last job, you may be required to accept the position or you can lose your unemployment benefits. Most who claim unemployment weekly will search for two or more positions which they can indicate when they file their weekly unemployment claim. A weekly claim for unemployment can be filed in the state of Arizona by contacting the phone numbers listed above, or by filling out an email form on the state web site.

People filing their unemployment weekly claim for the first time may find it helpful to go through the frequently asked questions page on the state web site, or they can receive help by filing with their local unemployment office and calling the numbers listed above. Weekly unemployment is for those who require the help of the funds paid in by their employer to cover periods of unemployment that are caused by circumstances beyond the employee's control. This provision by the state of Arizona allows people to claim weekly unemployment for a maximum of twenty-six weeks, after which they may need to file for an extension. A weekly claim for unemployment means that you've been actively searching for work and haven't found an acceptable position with either a new company or your old employer.

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