Arizona Unemployment Insurance Benefits

If you live and work in Arizona and find yourself unemployed through no fault of your own, you may be eligible to receive unemployment benefits from the state of Arizona. The amount of compensation to which you are entitled and your eligibility determination is dependent upon the amount of wages you earned during the qualifying period.

Unemployment insurance is paid by the state at a minimum amount of $60 per week. The maximum weekly benefit is $240 per week. Your eligibility to receive unemployment compensation benefits is dependent upon you having worked for an insured employer in Arizona. Your compensation benefits are calculated based upon your most recent earnings. To qualify for the benefits of unemployment, you must have earned at least $1,500 in one of the four quarters of the base period. That base period is considered the first four of the last five completed quarters prior to the date you apply for benefits. Your rate will be determined by the highest wage quarter in the reporting period. Other restrictions apply. Payments typically do not extend beyond a 26 week period.

If you meet the basic qualifications to receive unemployment insurance benefits, you should apply for benefits as soon as you lose your job. The sooner you apply, the faster your benefits will begin. An unemployment benefit claim may be filed in person, over the phone, or online. Additional weeks of benefits may be claimed in like manner.

The Arizona Department of Economic Security administers the unemployment benefit program in the state. To be eligible to receive the benefits of unemployment offered by the state of Arizona, applicants must be able and available to work. You must also be actively seeking full-time employment. It is your responsibility to file weekly claims for each eligible benefit week.

Unemployment benefits are intended to help individuals who lose their jobs due to reductions in force, plant closings, and other situations beyond the control of the worker. Persons who quit their jobs are seldom eligible to receive benefits. Some part-time workers may be eligible for benefits. If you are unemployed, your best course of action is to seek other stable employment as soon as possible. Until you are able to find gainful employment, Arizona unemployment benefits can help you weather this financial storm. If you are unemployed, apply today. The benefits are yours to use.

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