Apply and Receive Arizona Unemployment

If you a temporarily unemployed Arizona resident, you need to apply for unemployment as soon as possible. It is important to begin to receive unemployment benefits quickly so that you don't fall behind on your car and house payments. You will receive unemployment benefits the sooner you apply! You can submit your Arizona application for unemployment online or by phone.

If you are submitting your Arizona unemployment application online, visit to begin your application. You can submit your initial claim online between 12:01 AM on Sundays until 5 PM Fridays. The service is not available after 5 PM on Friday until 12:01 AM on Sunday.

If you are going to apply for unemployment by phone, call the Arizona Unemployment Insurance Call Center at (877) 660-2722. This number is toll-free. You can also call their TTY number at (877) 877-6226 toll-free if you are deaf or hard of hearing.

To submit your Arizona unemployment application, be sure to have all of the required information on hand before you begin the application process. Applications submitted without all required information may not go through or they may take longer to process and it will take longer for you to receive unemployment benefits. The information required includes your name, Social Security Number, Arizona driver's license or Arizona state issued ID, your contact information, information about all of your employers during the previous 18 months, the last day that you worked, and information about severance or vacation pay. You will also need to submit your union hall information. alien registration number, and your SF 8 or SF 50, if any of these are applicable to you.

Once you have submitted your Arizona application for unemployment, you will need to submit weekly claims to continue receiving your benefits. These claims update the system to let it know that you are still eligible to receive benefits. You can file these claims online at or you may submit these claims by phone using the previously listed numbers. Additionally, you will need to notify the system if you have changed your address. This can be updated online or by phone.

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