Filing for Unemployment in Alaska

With the economy struggling, finding employment after unexpectedly losing your job can be a real challenge. Because of Alaska's reputation as a big state full of opportunity it can be surprising to realize that finding employment can still be difficult. During the time that you are looking for work the Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development can help you to determine if you qualify for state unemployment benefits under state law and Federal guidelines.

Here are the requirements for how to collect unemployment benefits in Alaska. You must have become unemployed involuntarily. If you quit your job on your own you will likely be ineligible for unemployment benefits for at least six weeks. You must have earned at least $2,500 in two calendar quarters of the past year. You must be actively seeking full time work and must not refuse any paid work offered to you for which you are qualified. You must report any income you receive outside of your unemployment benefits and all benefits you receive will be subject to Federal taxation.

Benefits you can expect to receive from Alaska unemployment programs include a weekly benefit amount ranging from $56 up to $370 and lasting from 16 to 26 weeks, with extensions possible on a case by case basis. You may choose to have your benefits paid either by direct deposit or by check.

Those receiving benefits are also eligible for job search help through the Alaska Labor Exchange System (ALEXsys) which allows you to post your resume online for viewing by potential employers. You can work while collecting benefits, but your benefit check will be cut by 75 cents for every dollar earned over fifty dollars. If you are sent to jail for any reason you will be considered unavailable for work and your benefits will be suspended.

Filing for unemployment is easiest if done online at the Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development website. If you prefer you may call the Alaska Labor Department, Employment Security Division at 1-888-252-2557 to answer questions and to help you file your claim. It can be an emotional as well as financial strain to be unemployed. The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development is ready to be of service in getting you all of the unemployment benefits to which you are entitled while helping you to attain your future career goals.

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