Apply and Receive Alaska Unemployment Benefits

In times of economic uncertainty, it is comforting for unemployed Alaskans to know that jobless benefits may be available to fill the gap in their family budgets. The Alaska Unemployment Insurance Program oversees the distribution of these benefits to residents who have lost their jobs or are seasonally unemployed.

Alaskans can submit an unemployment application either online or by telephone, but they will need to have certain information on hand before they begin. Applicants must be able to provide their address, social security number, the reason for leaving their last job and the wages received during their last week of work. They also must be able to provide the name, address and telephone number of their previous employer. Anyone who is not a U.S. citizen should have their Alien Registration Number, document type and expiration date.

To apply for unemployment benefits online, Alaskans can go to the state’s website at: To begin the process, scroll down to the link labeled "Unemployment Insurance Benefits." You will need to select a user name and password to register on the site, and you will have 20 minutes to complete the claims forms. Online services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you would prefer to speak personally to a customer service representative, you can file an application for unemployment by contacting the state unemployment offices by phone. The call center phone numbers are: Juneau, 907- 465-5552; Anchorage, 907- 269-4700; Fairbanks, 907- 451-2871; all other areas, 888- 252-2557. For mailing addresses, FAX numbers and email contact information, you can also visit:

Once you file your initial claim, you will receive a statement of estimated benefits in the mail, as well as an Unemployment Insurance Claimant Handbook. The handbook will explain the process for receiving unemployment benefits, including a description of how to file required biweekly claims. Those continuing claims can be submitted through your online account or by contacting the state’s VICTOR call centers. The VICTOR numbers for each region are available at:

Alaska makes it easy and convenient to receive unemployment payments. After your eligibility for benefits is confirmed and your biweekly claim is complete, a deposit is made to an Unemployment Insurance debit card. If you prefer, your benefits can be deposited electronically in your bank account. You may register for direct deposit either at your online account or by contacting the VICTOR phone lines.

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