Extended Unemployment Compensation in Alabama

Alabama's unemployment rate has recently risen again, the new figures for the long term unemployed at their highest since 2010. The rate of those without jobs may stay at about 10.1 percent the remainder of the year. This data, unfortunately , does not forecast the much-needed turnaround for Alabama workers who have been looking for and have been unable to find jobs. If you've run out of your federal unemployment insurance benefits, you may be able to get extended unemployment.

Long term unemployment benefits have been created by the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations for the specific purpose of providing assistance to those who have been collecting unemployment benefits and meet the criteria for extended unemployment eligibility. Extended benefits enable current claimants of unemployment benefits to claim those benefits for up to another 20 weeks. The extended unemployment program is active during times when the jobless rate is exceedingly high.

Laws that prolong the time period for which you can collect unemployment insurance are covered by the state High Extended Benefits program until January 4, 2012.

A claimant receives an extended unemployment payment following the expiration of their regular unemployment insurance. The transition from being a claimant on unemployment to one who receives extended benefits payments is handled by the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations and does not require the claimant to submit a separate filing application.

Your eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits was determined prior so it not necessary for you to establish it again. Of course, you must be actively seeking employment while collecting, To not be, is to be violating the stipulations of unemployment which require that claimants be pursuing employment while they collect.

If you have questions about your claim, you can contact the Alabama government unemployment compensation toll-free number at 1-800-361-4524. Calls are answered Mondays through Friday from 7 in the morning to 5 in the evening.

There is a page on the unemployment compensation website where at where you can provide your social security number. and log in for information related to your extended benefits. It's important to abide by the federal law that prohibits non-claimants who have the personal filing information of relatives or friends with active claims, to file in their behalf.

Being compensated through the extended benefits program is only assistance to those who have been unsuccessful at finding work in these challenging economic times, but is not intended to replace employment. Be sure to register with Alabama Joblink at the Alabama Career Center to stay in touch with the latest openings and job opportunities available in your area.

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