Benefits of Filing for Alabama Unemployment

In the economy of today, more and more people are finding it necessary to look into help such as might be found through Alabama Unemployment Insurance. Although it may not even come close to the amount of pay received from a regular job, the benefits of unemployment in Alabama can certainly help an individual or family to keep their head above water, when times become desperate. Although there may be a wait while a determination is made, the process of actually filing a claim for Alabama unemployment benefits is quite simple. Under certain circumstances, it may even be possible to receive unemployment compensation in Alabama while receiving other income or while going to school.

Unemployment benefits in Alabama have a maximum cap. But, even without the maximum amount for everyone, the maximum amount for an individual may be less, depending on the amount of income they earned in prior quarters, as well as any income they may currently be earning. All income must be reported while receiving Alabama unemployment insurance benefits. This must be done through a weekly claim process. These weekly claims can be made in person, over the automated telephone system, or through the web site.

The initial process of filing a claim is fairly simple. The individual may visit their local Alabama Unemployment office, or they may contact them through telephone or the website. The contact telephone number is 1-800-361-4524. Many may find that it is easier to visit the web site at to file their claim, instead. Once the claim is filed, it may take a few weeks for a determination to be made. However, the individual must begin to make weekly claims, reporting their income, immediately. A failure to make a weekly claim will immediately end the process. The weekly claims can be made through the same methods as the initial application. The individual would need to discuss the situation with an unemployment claims worker. However, under the right situations, the individual might be allowed to attend school. The applicant is allowed to make income. However, any income made is deducted from the amount that will be paid from unemployment benefits. If the additional income goes over the amount that can be paid, the claim ends.

So, if you need assistance in Alabama, then Alabama unemployment benefits might be able to provide the help you need.

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