Alabama Employment Agency Contact Information

More and more people are finding that they need assistance in today's economy. There are more and more people who find themselves without jobs, each day. For some, the Alabama Department of Unemployment may be able to help. The Alabama Department of Unemployment is an agency for unemployment that can provide benefits to those who have lost their jobs, through no fault of their own.

Individuals who live in Alabama and find themselves without a job can complete a simple application for unemployment benefits. This claim can be made in person, by visiting the local Alabama unemployment office. However, claims can also be established by calling the toll free Office of Unemployment phone number. The phone number for the Alabama Unemployment Agency is 1-800-361-4524. By calling this number, an individual can file an application to begin an unemployment claim with the state of Alabama. This can also be done by visiting the website found at

The Alabama Department of Unemployment does not provide an easily available Unemployment Agency email address, and instead encourages claims to be made in person, by phone, or through the web site.

The process of filing an employment claim through any of the above mentioned methods is fairly simple. However, once the application is filed, it may take several weeks before a determination is made for eligibility. Even if the individual is determined to be eligible, it can take a few weeks before the benefits begin to be paid. In the meantime, the individual must be sure to file a weekly certification every week, even before a determination of eligibility has been made. The failure to file a weekly certification will result in the claim ending. The weekly certification can also be filed through the methods that were mentioned for establishing the initial claim application.

So, if you live in Alabama and find yourself out of a job, due to no failure of your own, the Alabama Unemployment Agency may be able to help you during your time of hardship. Filing the application for a claim is a fairly simple process. If you are determined to be eligible, you may receive your benefits in a few different methods. Either way, the benefits of Alabama unemployment may be exactly what you need to survive during times of hardship, due to fewer jobs.

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