About Us

Our sole purpose is for Unemployment Help to provide a free, simple and highly informative employment search guide to help those who find themselves looking for information such as:
  • Finding and/or Conducting a successful job search
  • Informational & pertinent job search and unemployment articles
  • Education options
  • Discussion forum with those who are currently or have been in the same position you are now
It is safe to say, you are truly not alone in what you are going through. With an economy that continues to disappoint month in and month out, there are literally millions of people experiencing the emotional roller coaster that searching for a job can be. At Unemployment Help you will find a wide variety of career management tools and job search resources to make the whole process far easier. We realize that it isn’t all about being the job search but also about the anger, resentment you are feeling is also a major part of the process. With the user forums we offer you can vent your frustration and take solace in the fact that many others can relate to frustrating process of finding a new job and what you are going through! That is why we are here, you can lean on us and we will get you through these, some of the toughest days you are likely to ever experience.

IMPORTANT: Unemployment Help is in no way affiliated with any federal, local or state agency. We are purely an informational and referral resource for those who find themselves looking for a new job or to further expand their educational background. We do not offer a way to file for unemployment through our website.

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